Schlagwort: (Praktiken)

Nachhaltiger Konsum von Elektronikgeräten? Ist möglich! Die Pyramide des nachhaltigen Elektronikkonsums bildet eine Hierarchie der nachhaltigen Handlungsoptionen ab, wobei suffiziente und kollaborative Praktiken im Zentrum stehen.

In two studies we explored how electronic devices’ use times are influenced or “made” by users and their (d)evaluation and usage practices. Research questions were: What meanings do users attribute to use time? How are these meanings linked to realized, expected and ideal use time? Is use time linked more to attitudes and meanings or to situational factors such as social and material setting? Communicative, symbolic and setting-related predictors of washing machines’ and smartphones’ use time were tested with multiple regressions.

The study was published in 3rd PLATE 2019 Conference proceedings.