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Cover of the book " Journal of a cleaner Production" - Exploring 14 years of repair records

From quick fixes to repair projects: Insights from a citizen science project

Hielscher, S. & Jaeger-Erben, M. (2020) Erschienen in: Journal of Cleaner Production

Repair initiatives have attracted increasing attention as a potential source for addressing a variety of sustainability challenges. Less evident are social scientific analysis about people repairing objects at home. This paper aims to provide insights into how people, who come together to fix objects in repair initiatives perform domestic repair. It does this by drawing upon works within sociological theories of consumption and media studies that concern themselves with examining the performance of everyday routines and how people adapt, integrate, use and/or reject objects in everyday life.

The study was published in the Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 278. It can be accessed here  .


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